Intense Broadband has a range of tested VOIP products available to its subscribers. Our products can be used in the simplest and most complex environments and is very easy to install.

Residential and Business
The Intense Broadband product range can be used by residential as well as business subscribers.
IP Gateways
Intense Broadband has a range of thoroughly tested IP gateways to fit your exact needs.
IP Phones
Cost effective as well as advanced more specialised user-friendly IP phones are available directly from Intense Broadband for quick installation.
From hardware IP PBX’s with built-in Least Cost Routing up to fully-fledged Open source Asterisk based PBX systems are available directly from Intense Broadband.



Lower total cost of ownership

A hosted VOIP solution from Intense Broadband enables savings right from the onset, as it is no longer necessary to purchase expensive “boxes” or systems. All an organisation needs are VOIP-ready handsets and the hosting through Intense Broadband.


Simple IT support

A hosted VOIP solution uses a simple Web Interface, and therefore requires very little IT support or training to administer. Users can be quickly added or deleted, and additional features enabled by administrators from their computers, leading to further cost saving through simplified maintenance.


Reduced capital investment

It is no longer necessary to spend large amounts of capital on expensive systems. Other than the actual handsets, there is no investment requited and no large capital expenses to depreciate over time.


Easy scalability

Hosted VOIP is a highly flexible solution as the number of employees on the system is not constrained, so expanding or reducing the number of users is a simple and cost-effective process. Companies can scale up and down as they require.


Automatic upgrades

Businesses no longer need to upgrade hardware to take advantage of new features and technologies. All upgrades will be done by Intense Broadband (the host) and will be delivered through software changes that happen automatically in the background.

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