Frogfoot Networks


Fibre is fibre, right? You’d think it would make no difference who supplies it, but that’s not quite true. Firstly, it is preferable to ensure you get Open Access fibre. Open Access fibre ensures that you can choose between any number of ISPs and can move from one ISP to another while using the same fibre connection. Secondly, large fibre networks are not simple to plan and build and can be tricky to manage well. Frogfoot not only has a true Open Access FTTH network, but also a reputation for technical knowledge and engineering excellence; your FTTH is safe in our hands through Intense Broadband.

Frogfoot Networks is a licensed open access fibre network provider. With 15 years experience in the telecoms industry and widely acknowledged for their technical excellence, Frogfoot intends to play a pivotal role in the growth of fibre to the business and home in South Africa.

Funded by Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), Investec and Metier Capital, group revenue exceeding R1 billion per annum, and one of the only true open access wholesale fibre network offerings in the market, Frogfoot is well positioned to build and maintain fibre networks that will enable service providers to acquire their own fibre backbones on a shared network.

Having operated fibre networks throughout South Africa for years, Frogfoot understands the challenges of deploying and managing large fibre networks. Currently, the company has an extensive fibre footprint, with more than 5,000 buildings already linked to its network and a coverage area spanning more than 7,000 km2 in 5 regions.

Fibre networks are at the heart of reliable, robust, high performance telecommunications services; you need a company that has a sound grasp of telecoms engineering principles and how to implement them, looking after those networks.

Frogfoot is that kind of company and Intense Broadband is proud to be associated with them.

Uncapped Fibre Packages – Line included

If you dont have a WAN router you would need to purchase one from Intense Broadband at R400.
There is a once off Installation fee (if no CPE has been installed yet) off R1710.
Currently free Activation.








  • Symmetrical up and down speed

  • IPv6 enabled

  • Fibre line

Free Fax to Email
  • Free numbers

  • Unlimited faxes

  • Always available

  • Instant activation