Connect through Intense Broadband to give you the edge in Clara Anna Fontein estate

Clara Anna Fontein

Clara Anna Fontein Consisting of 344 single, residential erven of generous proportions, mostly with spectacular views, Clara Anna Fontein offers residents an enviable and much sought-after lifestyle.

The existing 17th Century manor house is being restored to its original splendour and will offer a variety of luxurious facilities, allowing residents to relax and spend time with family and friends. A new fully-equipped sports centre with a squash court, two tennis courts, a swimming pool and change rooms will be included in the development.

Century City Connect

Century City Connect operates a carrier neutral ‘last mile’ open-access
network over which a select number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
offer those living within CAF revolutionary voice, broadband and
multimedia services.  Intense Broadband is proud to be associated with CAF

Century City Connect fibre

The deployment of Century City Connect’s ‘carrier neutral’ open-access network (OAN) will enable residents and business owners who are currently receiving broadband and voice services over copper-based ADSL, wireless or 3G/HSDPA connections to migrate their service connections to a first-world and high-speed connection over fibre.

The network is capable of transporting triple-play voice, video and data services. A single cable RF and IF television head-end will be deployed at the OEN to enable end-users who choose to do so to pick-up their raw free-to-air TV 1, 2, 3 and e-TV, DSTV DVB bouquet, Top-TV DVB signal and a number of other available free-to-air channels by connecting their own decoders or set top boxes to the Century City Connect Open Access Network.

In addition, the Century City Connect Open Access Network will be used by the CCPOA to transport video feeds from cameras across the city. Footage from these cameras are currently transported over Wi-Fi links. On the new network, the quality of video images will be advanced and improved significantly. It is also planned that additional cameras will be deployed in areas where the fibre network now provides connectivity, where wireless connectivity previously was difficult or impossible.

How can fibre improve copper?

Employing cutting edge, innovative technology, Century City Connect
provides world-class, open-access Fibre-optic connectivity propelling
Clara Anna Fontein (CAF)  into the First World Digital Age.

Copper vs fibre comparison

Fibre is future-proof and ubiquitous as the same service can be provided regardless of location or distance.

Broadband services over copper are highly variable due to:

  • Distance
  • Copper quality
  • Home wiring issues
  • Outdated modems

Fibre with bandwidths of 1Gbps are available now with 10Gbps and 100Gbps services highly feasible. Once the fibre network is in place, we can continue to innovate services by updating electronics that deliver this.

Fibre also underpins mobile networks as they need fibre to deliver good quality services. Fibre connects cell sites to fixed networks and provides backhaul fibre in your street.

Uncapped Home vs Uncapped Premium

If you are the person who watches some shows, does banking and emails the home uncapped is for you.

If you are a heavy user who wants to download to your hearts content, the premium package is for you

Uncapped Fibre Packages – Line included

Installation Fee: FREE

Month to Month – no contracts

Router:  R400


If you are the person who watches some shows, does banking and emails the home uncapped is for you.

If you are a heavy user who wants to download to your hearts content, the premium package is for you

  • Symmetrical up and down speed

  • IPv6 enabled

  • Fibre line

Free Fax to Email
  • Free numbers

  • Unlimited faxes

  • Always available

  • Instant activation