Intense Broadband offers a range of ways to get your home connected – from Mobile and Wireless offerings, to fixed line options like ADSL and Fibre. Read more below to find out which is for you, or simply talk to us.

With speeds of up to 10Mbps, our uncapped Wireless offerings are similar to ADSL, except that your connection to Internet is through a wireless antenna installed at your home. This makes it ideal for locations where ADSL is unavailable.
If it’s a fast Internet connection you’re after, almost nothing beats fibre. With capped and uncapped options of up to 100Mbps, buffering is finally a thing of the past, and your home more than ready for the connected future.
Intense Broadband can also connect you to a range of 3G and LTE capable networks, giving you the freedom to move around while staying connected to your world.
Our capped and uncapped ADSL options represent a perfect balance between speed and cost, making it ideal for everyday home users. For more demanding Internet users, we also offer VDSL services of up to 40Mbps.