Wireless DSL

Wireless DSL (WDSL) is a broadband connectivity solution catering for the primary connectivity needs of the small and mid-sized business. This fixed wireless service uses licensed microwave technology to offer a symmetrical service (equal upload and download) with speeds of up to 5Mbps on a low contention ratio.
The WDSL product provides a bundled solution, which includes both last mile access as well as data on a single, managed service. This is a capped service, with the option of purchasing additional bandwidth top-ups, giving you control over your monthly Internet costs. WDSL provides businesses with a high-quality broadband connection without the high prices associated with similar quality products.


  • Wireless broadband alternative to bonded ADSL and leased line services
  • Utilises licensed wireless spectrum for superior quality
  • Low contention ratio guaranteed at max 10:1
  • Includes access and data on a single service
  • Choice of data caps: 30, 60, 100 and 160 Gigs
  • Dedicated voice channel
  • Top-up bundles available
  • Underlying technology: Microwave


  • No fixed lines required
  • Symmetrical offering – equal upload and download speeds
  • Suitable for voice traffic
  • Provides a Static IP address
  • Immune to cable theft interruptions
  • Minimal contention ratios
  • End-to end solution


MetroNet is a microwave based, last-mile access medium that utilises licensed wireless spectrum to provide a connectivity solution with high capacity, high availability and guaranteed speeds.

This solution can be implemented to meet the primary connectivity requirements of a business, allowing transmission of IP-based data, voice and video services. MetroNet can also be used as a redundancy option, ensuring your business remains up and running even if your primary access medium goes down. In addition, this access medium can also complement other connectivity solutions that may already be in place.

MetroNet is perfectly suited to the requirements of mid to large sized businesses, multi-branch environments as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Multiple solutions are available, ranging from 512kbps up to 155Mbps, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the most appropriate solution for their needs, with the option of increasing capacity as the business grows. Together with the Dedicated Internet Access this product makes for a excellent connection


  • Metro Ethernet architecture
  • Last mile alternative to fixed line
  • Transparent Layer 2 service
  • Utilises licensed, wireless spectrum
  • End-to-end network management
  • Available in major metropolitan areas
  • Dedicated (1:1) service with no contention and low latency
  • Guaranteed speeds
  • Fixed pricing irrespective of distance (within Metropolitan areas)
  • SLA guaranteed uptime of 99.5%
  • Can be bundled with internet access (data) and voice services
  • Provisioning of inter-region connectivity


  • Highly reliable connectivity solution with carrier-grade performance
  • Flexible: Increase capacity as required
  • No fixed lines required
  • Standard SLA included
  • Caters for multiple applications on a single access medium
  • Ideal access medium for real time applications and cloud based services

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