Fibre for Business

Fibre-based Internet access is fast becoming the technology of choice for users who need large quantities of bandwidth, but at an affordable price. Intense Broadband’s various fibre solutions are ideal for businesses looking for a high-reliability, high-speed connectivity solution with the capacity for large volumes of data transmission combined with low latency.
Utilising carrier-grade optical fibre infrastructure in the main metropolitan areas, Intense Broadband fibre provides last-mile connectivity as well as allows access to a full range of IP-based solutions including Internet access, voice and MPLS services, to provide an end-to-end solution from a single provider.
Fibre has a much higher bandwidth capacity than copper or wireless systems; it also has no scrap value, making it less likely to be stolen. It is predicted that fibre optic systems will become the leading Wide Area Network technology as businesses start seeing the benefits of connectivity that literally travels at the speed of light.


  • High capacity, high-speed connectivity
  • Range of bandwidth speeds and various SLA options
  • Symmetrical service (equal upload and download speeds)
  • Scalable and upgradeable
  • Can be bundled with dedicated or contended internet access and voice services


  • Access to national fibre optic infrastructure through a single provider
  • High-speed solution ideal for real-time applications such as video, voice and cloud applications
  • Redundancy and failover technologies to ensure highest availability
  • SLA backed service, offering reliability and uptime according to client requirements
  • Easily and seamlessly integrates into customer’s existing network

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