Uncapped ADSL is ideal for businesses with high traffic volumes that cannot justify the guaranteed performance and higher cost of a leased line. Our ADSL offerings utilise fibre-based international bandwidth, provisioned through SAT3 and Seacom, running over Intense Broadband’s own carrier-class next-generation IP network.

Features & benefits

Five static (fixed) IP addresses, which avoids the limitations normally associated with dynamic IP addresses, such as difficulties with remote access set-up.
The ability to host servers and deploy a VPN connection.
Unshaped bandwidth (no prioritisation of certain types of traffic).
A low contention ratio (guaranteed limited number of users on the line at any one time).
Notification of downtime.
Monitoring features to keep track of your usage via NMS notifications (Network Management System) and MRTG graphs (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

Uncapped Data Only Packages

Uncapped Data + Line Rental Combo Packages

Please note the username gets bonded with the line and can only be used on that line.

Capped Packages

Various capped ADSL packages starting from just R10 per GB are available on a month-to-month basis. Please note: Unused data on these ADSL accounts do not roll over to the next month. The accounts are charged for in full for the month in which they are activated. Pro-rata billing does not apply. Terms and conditions apply.

Free Fax to Email
  • Free numbers

  • Unlimited faxes

  • Always available

  • Instant activation